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Support/FAQ Is Being An Energy Auditor Right For You?

What is an Energy Audit?
Energy auditing sounds complicated but it doesnít have to be, it is actually just a review or examination of a building or structure examining the current energy use and identifying opportunities to help the building owner save money.
How do I do an Energy Audit?
Doing an energy audit can be as simple as walking through a home or commercial building and making notes of all the energy consuming items - lights (counting the bulbs and the wattage), electronics (getting the wattage from the back panel), etc., etc., etc.

You plug these numbers into a simple series of equations and it kicks out an answer for the current energy use. You suggest alternative to the owner from changing the light bulbs or eliminating, reducing the use of electronics, etc., etc., etc.
Do I need Experience?
No. We teach you everything you need to know. All you need is basic math skills and we teach you the rest.
Do I need a lot of tools?
No. You don't need a truck full of tools. You can do an audit with a pen and paper, or you can use tools. Your choice. It just depends on what you want to accomplish. We have found that you can get about 80% of the savings without using any specific or expensive tools. It just takes an educated eye and we teach you that.
Is Your Program "Complete" Or Will I Need To Do/Buy More?
All our programs from the Starter Package to the Turn-Key Package are designed to get you out the door and making money saving energy. Our programs were specifically crafted by us from scratch to create a real, workable business opportunity that will get you out the door saving energy. Just like we did. We provide continued support and you will hear from us regarding new offerings and updates, but there is nothing more you "need".
Can I really make money doing this?
Yes. Absolutely. Energy is one of the hottest "Green" careers today. Energy conservation is at the core of all things "Green". That means your services are valuable to home and business owners seeking to reduce their energy expenses. They are also extremely valuable to others who are doing "green" solutions like solar panels, wind, or sustainability. That means you can make money at your core business of helping save energy directly, or you can make money helping others like solar installers perform the necessary energy audits to reduce the energy demand on a building to the solar panel will cover more of the total energy use.
What if I don't Care About Going Green?
The amazing thing about Energy Auditing is you don't have to care one way or the other about whether your actions are "Green" or not. So even if your intentions are purely capitalistic, that is fine, because you will make money by saving energy. As a byproduct of your efforts to make money, you will reduce CO2. On the other hand, if your intentions are purely green, that is fine, because you will reduce CO2. As a byproduct of your efforts to reduce CO2 you will make money. The beauty of this career is you get to define for yourself whether you are "Green" or something else.
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